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Varsha Industries Pvt. Ltd. is recognized as a leading processor and Leading Exporter of Peanuts in India, sesame seeds, spices edible oils, pulses, and other agro products. Since its inception, Varsha Proteins is dedicated to procuring, process & supply high-quality food ingredients from India

Varsha Industries Pvt Ltd is the Leading Exporter of Peanuts in India with our market reach all over the world. We provide the best export quality peanuts and all the products manufactured from raw peanuts which makes Varsha Industries one of the Largest Exporter of peanuts. We provide some the of the different types of peanuts categories such as peanut in shell, blanched peanuts, raw peanuts and other products such as peanut oil etc. Varsha Industries Pvt Ltd has the best processing plants for peanuts which helps Varsha Industries to assure the best export quality peanuts to serve their clients with satisfaction.

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