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Hulled Sesame Seeds

Hulled sesame seeds are considered as the most nutritious seeds because of its proteins and valuable minerals. They are processed in absolute germ – free & hygienic conditions. Our Hulled Sesame seeds are processed and re-cleaned in such a way that it’s intrinsic richness, nutrition and flavors remain in one piece intact. Our hulled sesame seeds are produced in a manner that its original white color is sustained even after it is baked. They are sprinkled on loaves of bread as well. Varsha Industries Pvt Ltd is the Leading Manufacturers, Exporters, and Suppliers of Hulled Sesame seeds in India with their market reach all over the world.

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Kinds                      :  White
Grades                   :  – Natural / Machine Cleaned  -Mechanical Hulled, Aqua Hulled
Purity                     : 99.90%, 99.95%, 99.97%, 99.98%
Packing                  : 25 kgs / 50 lbs PP/Paper bags


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